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Of your insurance needs
  • Medicare
    What is Medicare? Medicare is a federal government program for people over age 65. It is an 80/20 coinsurance system where you, the patient, are responsible for 20% of all of your medical costs, as well as...
  • Long Term Care Insurance
      LTC insurance is the most cost effective way to pay for Long Term Care expenses. The sooner you enroll in a plan the less you will pay over your lifetime and the more benefits you will...
  • Life Settlements
      Your life insurance policy is a valuable asset that can be sold for cash or converted into a Long Term Care benefit plan to pay for senior care expenses. This is a great option for people...

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We know that our senior years can be some of the best times of our lives! We specialize in providing resources to plan and pay for senior expenses so that you and your family can enjoy your time together.

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